About Us

I know, I know. Yet another online store that resells stuff from other people. We like to think of ourselves as

special curators of all things Generation X. We work, play, and re-live our Gen X DNA just like many of you do, so

this project is deeply rooted in our passion for all things X. We try our very best to keep prices low, hassles non-existent and the quality 

as high as possible. Perfection all the time? NO, but then again who the F trusts perfection??

About ME. So for privacy purposes, I'm not going to give you my name (yet), but I can give you a little bit about me

to make you all feel comfortable that I am a real deal Xer.

  • Born 1973 in Los Angeles
  • Raised in the San Fernando Valley (like oh my gawd)
  • Married a legit Valley Girl
  • I love rock music, old-school rap, and some pop as well (if I'm being honest my radio never leaves Lithium on Sirus XM)
  • I wear t-shirts (and pretty much anything we would sell here)

Finally, and most importantly, I love our generation. Yes I know, water hose this, and f around and find out that, but seriously. Whatever was in the

shared experience, whatever it was in the time and place we came, it produced truly amazing people. We aim to make our little online store reflect the spirit and soul of Gen X. Your feedback, your requests, your gripes and love are always welcome.

The Dude